Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My First Attempt

well.. finally after years of thinking and years of delibrating that if i can or cannot create a blog and what will i write in it even if i would be so courageous to start one.. and after all this time.. it just took a bad taunt from one of my old friends that i was an old content writer who used to write 50 years ago and that was it..

even while i was talking to him, i just made an account and here i am telling you all about what was supposed to happen with great thoughts and a grand opening.. just happened within a span of few minutes..

i was scared of blogging.. dont know why but i always pushed it at the back of my mind saying i would do i later.. but well.. i got over that fear.. now i am simply scared if my blog would get enough visitors to read my blog and post their comments.. whew... human nature is wierd..

i have worked as a web content writer for 2 years in developing house and enjoyed working and growing as a writer..but since i left my job to look after my house, i have been freelancing and oh man.. what opportunities there are to work.. i m astonished... soo much work to do.. even so that i dont get time to do all of it even if i wanted to..

i have been meaning to learn some more about web site design.. i know the basic html and dream weaver usage and more about CMs.. i hope i will be able to do it pretty soon because i want to work really good and make my name in this field.. its just like blood in my viens.. writing you know!!

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  1. Hello Sana~~~great first post! Writing from your heart makes a big impact on your audience. Gathering followers takes don't give up!